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Coronavirus and the Underground Church

Baahir (not his real name) is from a strong Islamic family in Egypt.He became a Christian after meeting some Egyptian Christians and joined a local church. Later he went to theological seminary elsewhere in the Middle East. He is now serving with a ministry in Egypt. He says, "I have a big ministry on Zoom - we have 40 believers from Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and refugees in Holland, Germany, America and Egypt. We meet twice a week for two hours bible study and teaching, and we talk about apologetics. We have many courses about church and about how to serve in Arab countries with refugees, how to understand Muslims ..... it's a very, very good ministry. It's very safe. Before, when we went to church in Egypt, we had big problems with security. Now, with Coronavirus - well, thank you God for Coronavirus, really! - now, we are very safe and we meet many times. ... I can't talk with Muslims in the streets, but I can talk online. Online is very safe for me.


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