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Hope in a Van Update

Imagine going into a community where there is little or no church presence, demonstrating Jesus’s love practically. Imagine getting to know people, showing they are loved, cared for and that they matter. Imagine a van full of hope and love which is demonstrated by the people who serve on it from local churches. Then imagine Hope in a Van.

Hope in a Van has received £10,000 funding from Just Sow and is a huge start getting the van out and into our communities. West Auckland Vineyard have agreed to match fund any donations for Hope in a Van that we receive from now on and up to £10,000. For every £1 donated they will match it with another £1 which means we can potentially raise £20,000 to purchase the van, complete some adaptions and get the van on the road. We are so thankful for God's provision.

Here is a short video message from Andy that tells you a little more. If you would like to make a donation or find out more about Hope in a Van please visit our site


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