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Jesus loves  you, listens to you and speaks to you. He does not discriminate. He is a mystery. I gave my life to Jesus. He opened my eyes and I have finally seen how life should be.


Jesus was the man who had power to say 'yes' to a convicted thief who simply asked to be remembered. The 'yes' was unconditional. He only had to ask. Being a Christian is far from easy for most believers, but the fundamental 'yes' is still available, however many complications clutter up the truth. That deceptively inflammable 'yes' has flickered, burned, nearly gone out and sometimes blazed in me for more than fifty years. He is my hero.    



Jesus the man has been my hero and motivator for over 50 years, his life symbolising for me that every single life matters no matter who they are or what they have done. Image of the invisible God , God with skin on, he has shown me a Father yearning for every one of his created children to be with him for eternity.  It's not been easy trying to follow Jesus down some very strange paths and I have sometimes lost sight of him for a while, but he has never let me go. 

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