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Declaring and demonstrating the kingdom of God in our community

We believe that God created and sustains, loves and cares for all of creation and that He calls us to be partners in that work.


We believe that Jesus is the ‘living word of God’ and that the bible, contains a true and reliable witness to Him. 


We trust in Jesus. We trust that He is who He claimed to be and who the bible affirms Him to be. We acknowledge the mystery that Jesus is God in flesh, fully human and fully divine, and who, together with God the Father and the Holy Spirit, reveals the fullest expression of God's character that we can experience in this life. 


We trust that through His life, death and resurrection Jesus has done all that is necessary for us to receive forgiveness and enable us to enter into a full and personal relationship with Him and that, as His Holy Spirit walks alongside us, fills us and empowers us we will begin a journey of transformation of life and mind becoming more like Jesus in attitude, word and action. 


We are trusting that if any person has heartfelt sorrow for their willful disobedience and a desire to change the direction of their lives to reflect Jesus' character in all they do, Jesus will lead them into fullness of life and true freedom.


We are fully persuaded that God calls, equips and empowers us to become followers of Jesus, living examples of His love, mercy, grace and truth.


We trust that, in and through the bible, God has declared, and will continue to declare, His life creating, life sustaining and life affirming living word and that He will, through His Spirit, give wisdom to His church to live this out in each and every context and situation in which we find ourselves.


We believe that there will be judgement on all evil, selfish, unloving and rebellious acts, attitudes and words and we trust that God, who is merciful, compassionate, just, loving and full of grace, is the only one capable making such judgement and of determining the outcome.


We trust that those who follow Jesus will enjoy his presence for ever.

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